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Normally customers who are in the market for a used vehicle assume that a certified pre-owned vehicle is the best option when purchasing. What catches the attention of customers is the attractive "7-Year or 100,000 mile" warranty added onto the cars. What's not taken into consideration is that a "certified" warranty on a pre-owned car in most cases is just engine and transmission coverage, NOT bumper to bumper. Some customers aren't aware of that so they proceed with a purchase on a car priced far above market value just for a certification stamp thinking it's full coverage.

Another misconception is that some people think that the 7-Year or 100,000 mile CPO is additional to the current year that you are purchasing in and/or mileage, for example if the year and mileage are 2013 and 30,000 respectively, people believe purchasing in the year 2018 means that your warranty will run out in 2025 or at 130,000 miles. The fact is your cpo warranty is from the year of the car and UP TO 100,000 miles or whatever the mileage bracket is on that particular make. So your warranty in this case would expire in 2020 so you have a "7 Year" warranty that's actually going to expire in 2 years.

What M Sport Motor Car can provide are not only extended warranties for almost every make and model but we can also include bumper to bumper in most cases for a lengthy period of time. We have the best resources for warranty, we offer 1 year of free maintenance on most vehicles and we complete a detailed inspection prior to putting our vehicles for sale. We sell quality cars with quality products that have the potential to save every consumer thousands of dollars throughout the term of having their dream car.

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