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Leasing doesn't only have restrictions on how long you can use the car, but it also manages how many miles you can put on it. Here's an example, normally a lease will be for 3 years/36,000 miles. If you don't keep the car for the entire 3 year time but go over 36,000 miles you will have to pay a penalty for every mile you go over. Having to look over each mile you put on the vehicle is one of the biggest cons of leasing a vehicle. Now you can increase or extend the mileage but it will also bring an increased fee.

If you lease a car you are still responsible to pay for the repairs that are not covered under manufacturer's warranty. That means that you will be forced to come out of pocket on a car that you do not even own. You also cannot change the vehicle or add features such as rims, new paint color, exhausts, etc. When you purchase or finance, you are free to do whatever you like with it, and any repairs you have to make are investments in a vehicle that you own or will own. Also concerning repairs, buying a car gives you the freedom to decide what gets repaired and what doesn’t. If you put a scratch in a car you’ have bought, you have the freedom to decide not to pay to have it repaired. With a leased car, any damages outside of typical wear and tear means extra fees that you will have to pay.

Some people have the idea that leasing is a better option because you can choose to buyout or finance the remaining balance when your lease is up. That decision puts you into a potential 9 year loan; 3 years to lease, then 6 years (72 more months) for refinancing. Why put yourself into a situation like that when you can finance to begin with and own your dream car? Give M Sport Motor Car the opportunity to earn your business because purchasing a vehicle is a life decision and shouldn't be made due to pressure or hassle, so we will help you and give you the advice necessary to make sure that whether you choose to finance with us or lease with a franchise dealership, you will be able to take full advantage due to the knowledge and assistance we will provide you!

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